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Ernst Jandl Connected

Ernst Jandl achieved fame and notoriety as the author and performer of sound poems. He worked at the crossroads of literature, music, and the visual arts and was a multilingual and polyphonic writer and artist, whose expressive range included visual poetry, sound poetry, plays, drawings, music theatre, experimental film, and group projects with musicians. Any biographical representation needs to do justice to this diversity, drawing on his archive, which contains substantial audiovisual material on his life and work.



(Screen capture from the Jandl DVD)

The Ernst Jandl DVD uses the connective possibilities of hypertext to link documents and texts, enabling a variety of pathways through the material. Many sources from Ernst Jandl’s extensive archive, held at the Literary Archives of the Austrian National Library, are presented publicly for the first time.
The multimedial Ernst Jandl DVD was developed as part of the 'Ernst Jandl' research strand.


Ernst Jandl Connected

Die Ernst-Jandl-Show. Ed. by Bernhard Fetz and Hannes Schweiger. Vienna, Salzburg 2010.