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The Ernst Jandl Show Companion Volume

Ernst Jandl was constantly searching for new forms of artistic expression: alongside sound poetry, he wrote poems in dialect, experimental prose, autobiographical texts, radio plays, theatre plays, films, and a ballet. As a performer he made his audiences laugh, and sometimes roar. His appearances with the NDR Bigband or the Vienna Art Orchestra are legendary. He was a passionate jazz fan, chess player, teacher, and poet, a unique perfomer and mediator both of his own texts as well as those of others. In essays, conversations and other treasures from the archive Ernst Jandl emerges as an artist who worked at the interface of literature, music, and the visual arts. The volume also contains poems by renowned contemporary authors responding to drafts from Jandl’s workshop.

The Ernst Jandl Show

An Exhibition of the Wien Museum and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the History and Theory of Biography together with the Austrian National Library.