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Judaism in the Life and Work of Franz Werfel


This volume is the result of a symposium organized by the University of California, Los Angeles, in conjunction with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the History and Theory of Biography in October 2010 in Los Angeles. The articles in the volume examine various aspects of Judaism and facets of Jewish figures in the work of Franz Werfel. Key prose and drama texts by the Prague-born, German-speaking writer are examined in this context. The topics covered range from Jewish assimilation through to Werfel’s attempt to define the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. The volume begins with a biographical examination of Judaism in the life of Franz Werfel and concludes with an article on film adaptations of Werfel’s work; the volume as a whole gives a broader perspective on more than fifty years of productive reception of the author, who died in exile in California. In German with two articles in English.

Publisher's Announcement

Judaism in the Life and Work
of Franz Werfel

Judentum in Leben und Werk von Franz Werfel. Ed. by Wilhelm Hemecker and Hans Wagener. Berlin: De Gruyter 2011.