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Ernst Jandl

Music, Rhythm, Radical Poetry


Together with previously unpublished texts by Jandl, this volume collects photographs, drawings, facsimiles, and documents relating to Jandl’s activity as a poet and teacher. Texts both by and about Jandl in his capacity as a multilingual writer, essays on aspects of his life and work, and tributes and commentaries by close contemporaries all combine to provide a vivid portrait of an author whose lyrical and flexible approach to language have guaranteed him not only a place in the literary canon, but also made him a household name. With contributions by Yoko Tawada, Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler, Daniela Strigl, Luigi Reitani, István Eörsi, and Michael Hamburger, among others. In German.


Publisher's Announcement:

Ernst Jandl's legendary poetry volume from the year 1966, 'Laut und Luise', was a breakthrough for experimental poetry. Two elements were always paramount: humour and existential seriousness. With each volume of poetry, Ernst Jandl conquered new ground poetically – from the poems in 'degenerate' language to his mature poetry that transforms illness, physical decline and also 'high' themes into poetry. Band 12 of 'Profile', containing previously unpublished poems, letters and documents from the literary estate, presents an image of a writer whose popularity extends far beyond the literary field and whose lyrical linguistic diversity was long since taken up in colloquial speech and youth culture.


'The literary scholar Bernhard Fetz has brought a treasure trove of Jandliana from the depths of the Austrian Literature Archive. Letters, sketches, photos, as well as tributes by István Eörsi, Yoko Tawada, and the poet, bookseller, streetseller and Jandl-translator Francisco Díaz Solar from Cuba. A Jandl album by Jandl experts for Jandl connoisseurs. One for everyone, then.'
Benedikt Erenz, Die Zeit

'"Ernst Jandl. Music, Rhythm, Radical Poetry" is the twelfth edition of the always temptingly presented 'Profile' literary series published by Zsolnay. The volume on Jandl, in addition to previously unpublished texts and analyses, also presents rare photos und facsimiles of poems and notes by the author.  A Jandl delight."
Wolfgang Paterno, profil


              Review  (in German)

Ernst Jandl
Music, Rhythm, Radical Poetry

Ernst Jandl. Musik, Rhythmus, radikale Dichtung. Ed. by Bernhard Fetz. Vienna: Zsolnay 1998.(=Profile 12)