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Ernst Jandl Online: http://jandl.onb.ac.at/

Ernst Jandl Online is now online! The website is conceived of as a “Biblio-Biographie” and is a way of making a life visible without recourse to narrative. The website contains the life history not of a writer, but of his works, which in accordance with the digital space is 'pixellated' - how these fragments are pieced together is up to the user. The interactive project is the first detailed documentation of the publication history of Ernst Jandl's complete works, and is also the most comprehensive collection of secondary literature, commentary and reviews on Jandl's works to have been created thus far. When a poem was written, where it was printed, who has discussed it, and who was involved in it, becomes visible even beyond the writer's death. The module "Ernst Jandls Werke" (Ernst Jandl's works) and “Werke über Ernst Jandl” (Works about Ernst Jandl) are complemented by the third section 'Bio-Bibliographisches'. Here visitors will find scans of materials from Jandl's papers: manuscripts and typoscripts of short biographies ('bio-bibliographies') written by Jandl. They make it possible to trace how Jandl's self-image, especially his self-representation to the reading public, changes across the course of the writer's life.

Ernst Jandl Online is a project of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft für Geschichte und Theorie der Biographie, in partnership with the Literary Archive of the Austrian National Library. It was created and developed by Vanessa Hannesschläger.