en3/4/15 | Team / Marie Kolkenbrock

Title: Dr.

First Name: Marie

Last Name: Kolkenbrock

Position: Researcher; Research Associate (University of Cambridge)

E-mail: mek32@cam.ac.uk



Marie Kolkenbrock is a researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the History and Theory of Biography, while also a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. She is currently working on a new scholarly biography of the Viennese Modernist Arthur Schnitzler.

After studying German and Philosophy at the Free University Berlin, Marie came to Cambridge for her PhD, which she completed in 2014. Before taking up her current position at the Boltzmann Institute and at Cambridge, she worked as Lecturer and Post-doctoral Researcher at the University of Salzburg. Marie’s PhD (2014) explored a link between stereotypes of Jewishness, madness, blackness, and femininity and the belief in the higher power of destiny in narrative writings by Arthur Schnitzler. Her general research interests are Austrian Modernism, psychoanalysis, sociology of literature, Race and Gender Studies, cultural history of science, history and theory of biography.



Stereotype and Destiny in Narrative Writings by Arthur Schnitzler [in preparation].


Der grüne Kakadu (pp. 134-138)/Das Schicksal des Freiherrn von Leisenbohg (pp. 196-198)/Die Weissagung (pp. 198-200)/Das Tagebuch der Redegonda (pp. 203-205), in Schnitzler Handbuch. Leben – Werk – Wirkung, ed. by C. Jürgensen, W. Lukas, and M. Scheffel (Stuttgart: Metzler, 2014).

Stereotype and Destiny in Arthur Schnitzler’s Narratives, in: Belief-Systems in Austrian Literature and Culture, ed. by M. Boehringer and B. Langhans (Waterloo:  Wilfried Laurier University Press, 2015) [forthcoming].

Zur symbolischen Funktion in Arthur Schnitzlers Flucht in die Finsternis, in Textschicksale: Das Werk Arthur Schnitzlers im Spannungsfeld von Produktion, Rezeption und Adaption, ed. by W. Lukas and M. Scheffel (Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2015) [forthcoming].

Arthur Schnitzlers implizite Autorschaft im Fortsetzungsroman Traumnovelle, in ‘Aufgeschirrt für diese Welt…’ Inszenierungen von Autorschaft in der Zwischenkriegszeit, ed. by C. Peck and N. C. Wolf (Berlin: de Gruyter, 2015) [forthcoming].

Gothic Infections: Arthur Schnitzler and the Haunted Culture of Modernism [in preparation].