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Schnitzler's Archive: Saved - and expropriated
Kurier (11.01.2015)

An article on the little known history of Arthur Schnitzler's papers

Kurier - 11/01/15


Life, a Weighty Tome
Der Standard (20.11.2013)

A reconstruction or an interpretation? How biography has changed as a text form over time is being investigated by researchers at the Boltzmann Institute for the History and Theory of Biography in Vienna [...]

  standard - 20/11/13.pdf


A Woman, a Network
diepresse.com (09.11.2012)

[...] Deborah Holmes's biography of Eugenie Schwarzwald lays out an exciting piece of cultural history [...]

  diepresse - 9/11/12


The Princess Diana of the Literary Scene
literaturkritik.de (03/2012)

Wilhelm Hemecker and Manfred Mittermayer have compiled a highly readable volume of essays on ‘Bachmann, the Myth’.[...]

  literaturkritik.de 03/2012.pdf



The Ostensible Anarchist/ Poetry Exhibited: ‘The Ernst Jandl Show’ in the Literaturhaus Berlin
Der Tagesspiegel (20.05.2011)

In an elaborate collage of sounds, images, texts, biographical and historical documents the curators, Bernhard Fetz and Hannes Schweiger, have made it their aim to do justice to the multifaceted nature of this word-player. [...]

  Tagesspiegel - 20.05.2011.pdf



A Show for the Ears
Nürnberger Zeitung (10.03.2011)

In this literary exhibition everyone may become a language artist: crayons lie in front of a large white poster and invite one to "jandln" - to experiment with language. [...]

  Tagesspiegel - 19.05.2011.pdf



Ernst Jandl Opens His Mouth
Passauer Neue Nachrichten (22.11.2010)

The Wien Museum exhibits the poet in a large “show”. [...]

  Passauer Neue Nachrichten - 24.02.2011.pdf



Vienna: International Conference on Biographies of Religious Founding Figures
Katholische Presseagentur Österreich (10.11.2009)

The controversial and highly topical issue of the significance of religious founding figures and their biographies is currently the focus of an international symposium in Vienna.

  Katholische Presseagentur Österreich - 10.11.2009.pdf



Noise Ecstasies of a Poetry-Writing Grouch
Der Standard (04.11.2010)

With this intermedial exhibition, ‘The Ernst Jandl Show’, the Wien Museum pays tribute to the greatest sound-anarchist that post-war Austria has produced: above all the show is a feast for the ears. [...]

  Der Standard - 04.11.2010.pdf



Theoretical Foundations of Biography
literaturkritik.de (03/2010)

[…] The old and often sweeping accusation leveled at biography, of being “unscientific”, of appearing “vulgar” even, due to the genre’s great popularity, can be considered refuted in light of the analyses in this volume.

  literaturkritik.de - 03/2010.pdf



Theory and History in a Double Pack
literaturkritik.de (05/2010)

[...] Those interested in undertaking biographical research, will find a rich selection for the examination of precisely these phenomena and for determining one’s own focus of interest.[...]

  literaturkritik.de - 05/2010.pdf



Mirror and Mask
Neue Züricher Zeitung (09.12.2006)

“Man may live like a worm, but he writes like a god.” That is how Imre Kertész puts it in his novel Liquidation, published in 2003. That this phrase does not only imply the divine art of writing, but also the capacity to transcend life through literature is self-evident [...]

  Neue Zürcher Zeitung - 09.12.2006.pdf



Narrated Life, Lived History
David - Jüdische Kulturzeitschrift (Dezember 2005)


[...] The orientation of the Institute is interdisciplinary, and it locates itself at the intersections of literary studies, contemporary history and cultural studies, with the declared aim of finally positioning biography at the centre of academic discussions. [...]

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