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The Institute was founded in April 2005 and comprises an international team of researchers. It is working on a methodological critique of modern biography and a theory of the genre of biography on the basis of insights from social theory, literary studies, philosophy, and gender theory. Alongside six academic biographies and a biographical handbook on exponents of Austrian modernism, several virtual biographies are in progress, in which digital forms of editing and presentation will be employed in the field of biography. The Institute is dedicated to dynamic and interdisciplinary research and is actively advancing the development of new, innovative forms of biographical practice.


New research strands (from 2012)

Collective Biography ‘Young Vienna’
Biography of Mira Lobe
Virtual Biography
Constructing the Subject

Research strands

History and Theory of Biography
Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Eugenie Schwarzwald
Leopold von Andrian
Thomas Bernhard
Ernst Jandl


Mirror and Mask: Constructions of Biographical Truth
Inside Stories: Film and Biography
The Many Lives of Biography: Biography as Paradigm of Cultural Studies
Biography and Religion
IABA Europe Conference 2013: Beyond the Subject - New Developments in Life Writing
Hungary 1919. The Allure of Communism
Tradition in Viennese Modernism (15.-16.12. 2014)


Thomas Bernhard (2009, Austrian Theatre Museum)
Ernst Jandl (2010, Wien Museum)
Mira Lobe (2014, Wien Museum)


Ludwig Boltzmann Institute
for the History and Theory of Biography

Porzellangasse 4/1/17
1090 Vienna

Tel.: +43-1-4277 43099
Email: office@gtb.lbg.ac.at

New publication

Ich bin ich - Mira Lobe und Susi Weigel. Ed. by Ernst Seibert, Georg Huemer, Lisa Noggler-Gürtler. Wien: Residenz, 2014





"Ich bin ich - Mira Lobe und Susi Weigel"

Wien Museum (6.11.2014-1.3.2015)


New publication

Hofmannsthal. Orte: 20 biographische Erkundungen. Edit by Wilhelm Hemecker und Konrad Heumann. Wien: Zsolnay, 2014.

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